At AIS, we use an American based Calvert curriculum.  Objectives and outcomes are from the Calvert Program, created by the Calvert School in Baltimore, MD.  This is an accredited program in the U.S. and has been approved by the Sierra Leone Ministry of Education. 

The program includes studies in English (Reading, Composition, Spelling, Dictation,etc.), Mathematics, Science, History and other Social Sciences.

In addition to academics, students are taught Music, Art, Sports, and Computer Skills during the course of the school day.

Additional Curriculum

Because A.I.S. is an international school we offer a multi-lingual classes for those students who are fluent in additional languages besides English. A.I.S. offers a fully accredited French and Arabic program.

New High School Curriculum

Great news!  A.I.S. has just received accreditation through High School, grades 9-12!!!!